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Internal Sustainability / ESG Audit

Recognition of the present operation and practices carried out in the sustainability / ESG (environmental, social, governance) area by the company, at the same time analysing the way of the application of organisation’s declared principles.

Sustainability / ESG / CSR Report Preparation

The introduction of the enterprise and its economic, social and environmental performance and impacts, at defined times and according to GRI standards or suited to the specificities of the enterprise. The report may be certified by an independent organization. Linked to PR activities, we also prepare a short resume. We undertake to create “Non financial disclosure” as a part of the financial report, in line with the Directive 2014/95/EU of European Parliament and of the Council and with the Act C of 2000 on accounting.

Sustainability / ESG / CSR report assurance

Assurance of sustainability/ESG/CSR report, provided that we are not involved in the reporting process. We examine the compliance with the GRI guidelines, and with the sustainability/ESG/CSR expectations.

Stakeholder Relationship

Identification of the main stakeholders of the organization, also including the public sphere, and the commencement of a structured dialogue with them. Exploration of stakeholder expectations regarding the company’s activity and performance. Recommendation on focuses and flagship projects of the external and internal CSR communication. Materiality analysis to determine the focuses of sustainability.

Sustainability / ESG / CSR Strategy Preparation

In the interest of the most complete integration of corporate social responsibility in organizational operations, the vision or the definition of long- and mid-term goals, suited to the specificities of the organization.

Carbon footprint (CO2 emission) calculation

Calculating CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions of a product / a part of / the whole organization according to the GHG Protocol. The calculation covers Scope 1 (direct) and Scope 2 (indirect energy related) emissions as a minimum, and includes Scope 3 (indirect) emissions in line with our client’s requirement. The carbon footprint calculation can serve as a basis for emission reduction target setting, measurements, internal carbon pricing and for carbon offsetting. We provide professional support for completing the CDP Climate Change questionnaire. We provide support for SBTi (Science Based Target Initiative) target setting.

ISO 26000

Training and/or professional support regarding the ISO standard on social responsibility. The training is suited to the core activities of the company. Analysis and evaluation of the company’s activities and practices according to the ISO 26000 aspects – organisational governance, human rights, employees, environment, fair operating practices and social responsibility, consumer issues, community development and social development. Detailed recommendation for further integration of responsibility within the organisation and for a better correspondence with the standard’s recommendations.

Sustainability / ESG / CSR Benchmark

Elaboration of benchmark analysis based on the international and Hungarian organisations’ practices. Focuses of the analysis can include e.g. focuses of sustainability / ESG activities within a sector, best practices of reporting, spread of programs aiming equal opportunities or carbon neutrality.

Elaboration and Implementation of Sustainability Program Plan

Elaboration of projects and programs on the short term (1-2 years) in order to achieve the strategic objectives. Participation within the implementation process on-demand.

Corporate Volunteering Program

Complete or partial implementation of corporate volunteering program, according to the client’s need. Creating a tailor-made corporate volunteering strategy in order to exploit long term advantages.
After having assessed the expectations and objectives, the most convenient program will be recommended. We provide a list of the potential partner organisations and activities. We undertake to carry out the whole process of the program, including the communication with the supported organisations. We take part in the evaluation phase and can support its communication.

Sustainability Management

The RTG team contributes to the continual fulfilment of social responsibility and the implementation of sustainable responsible operations, to the realization of ambitions and an increase in competence with its continuous consultancy, initiatives.

Development of Data Collection Mechanism

The preparation of a sustainability / ESG report demands the presentation of precisely defined genuine and comparable data and information, describing the entire enterprise, which is only feasible by the organized collection of data. Our firm supports the development of the necessary the IT tools for this process.

Development of Donation Concept

Charity is one of the subdivisions carefully observed at corporate responsibility; this is one of the reasons that an enterprise should have transparent and public guidelines for their support policy which express the company’s values and goals.


Sustainability Training

This entails a short lecture for top managers on sustainability and ESG and its international effects on the management of a company.

Full-day training may be provided for workers involved in the realization of sustainability and ESG programs.

Diversity Training

Organising sensitisation trainings for managers and employees by involving rehabilitation professionals and disabled persons.

The training helps to accept disabled persons, to understand their everyday problems and to experience them for a while. It can be applied as a complimentary program by company events or as a separate program.


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