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RTG Ltd.

RTG Corporate Responsibility Consulting Ltd.

Work Experience


RTG Corporate Responsibility Consultancy Ltd. is a decisive actor in corporate social responsibility consultancy (CSR) in Hungary. Our goal is to support companies on their way to sustainability in Hungary and in the CEE region. To achieve long term results, we tirelessly seek tailored solutions and appreciate every single step,

Corporate responsibility

  • contributes to the long-term sustainability of the organisation
  • improves the company’s standing, and helps to reinforce trust both externally and internally
  • increases efficiency, eases the general operation of the company
  • reduces risks
  • facilitates positive market differentiation
  • effective and successful CSR should be in line with the corporate strategy
  • CSR does not necessarily cause additional expenses for the companies
  • deliberate strategy, focused programs are needed to exploit possibilities of CSR
  • needs management support


“We receive many ideas and much help in the realization of our long-term goals and the starting of our new initiatives, which are indispensable for our bank to operate in a sustainable manner from a social and environmental viewpoint.”

Zoltán Péter Nagy
OTP Bank Plc.

“We first met RTG as a likeable and customer friendly firm for whom, in addition to thorough professional work, it was important to get to know our company, to make a comprehensive analysis of our business environment and to understand it. Thus were born an audit and a strategy which is excellent from the point of view of general CSR, as well as for the firm’s top managers not only understandable, but representable from a business point of view.”

István Kutas
E.ON Földgáz Corporations

Our Mission


Our comprehensive CSR consultancy undertakings and broad experience ensure our clients activities appropriate to the expectations of their company and stakeholders. We are proud that our professional calling and interest has remained undiminished since the firm’s inception. We find it important to supply our future experts with our constantly expanding knowledge and experience.


  • Sustainability report preparation
  • Sustinability strategy preparation
  • Stakeholder relationship / materiality analysis
  • Sustainability/ CSR report assurance
  • Carbon footprint (CO2 emission) calculation
  • CSR management
  • ISO 26000
  • Development of sustainability data collection mechanism
  • CSR and diversity training


  • H-1075 Budapest,
    Madách Imre út 10.
  • Gabriella Tóth – CSR consultant
  • Tamás Radnai – CSR consultant