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Sustainability / ESG / CSR

RTG believes in the synthesis of the numerous definitions.

The most important principles and characteristics of corporate responsibility:

  • is a way of corporate governance – management commitment is essential and is integrated into the day-to-day operation;
  • is closely linked to the concept of sustainable development – the company contributes to the sustainability of the social and environmental system; corporate responsibility encompasses the principle, that a company is responsible for its decisions and impacts;
  • assumes cooperation with the stakeholders – all those who are impacted by the company’s activity;
  • interdisciplinary – it concerns the core business, employees, environment protection etc.
  • voluntary, therefore, goes beyond legal regulations;
  • - charity and sponsorship are only part of the concept.
The advantages of corporate responsibility
  • contributes to the long-term sustainability of the organisation – to achieve social and consumers’ legitimacy social and environmental aspects are needed to be considered;
  • improves the company’s standing, and helps to reinforce trust both externally and internally
    • stakeholders’ benignity can be achieved (primarily civils’, local community’s, media’s) and can be used for defence in a crisis;
    • may be a reason to build new relations with the stakeholders;
    • strengthens employees’ loyalty, and boosts their innovative performance;
  • increases efficiency, eases the general operation of the company – e.g. reduction of accidents, enhanced transparency,
  • reduces risks;
  • facilitates positive market differentiation (besides standing away within the sector can have negative effects).
According to our experiences
  • effective and successful responsibility /sustainability activity should be in line with the corporate strategy;
  • commitment of employees is necessary;
  • deliberate strategy, focused programs are needed to exploit possibilities of CSR;
  • does not necessarily cause additional expenses for the companies;
  • needs management support.

A consultant’s professional experience and independency are the main benefits for charging one.