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RTG Ltd.

RTG Corporate Responsibility Consulting Ltd.


OTP Bank Plc.
  • CSR/Sustainability reports on group level 2007-
  • CSR/Sustainability reports for subsidiaries 2008-
  • CSR strategy and program plan and contribution to the implementation 2008, 2012
  • CSR data collection system 2008-
  • Continuous CSR consultancy (stakeholder relations as well) 2007-
  • Introduction of ISO 26000 2011
  • MVM Co. Ltd.
  • Assurance of sustainability report 2015, 2016
  • Zwack Unicum Plc.
  • Support of sustainability reporting 2006-2008; 2008-2010; 2010-2013; 2015
  • CSR consultancy 2008-
  • SINBON Elcotronic Ltd.
  • ISO 26000 training 2016
  • MNV Co. Ltd.
  • Aggregated CSR report and guidance for CSR activity of state-owned companies 2010
  • Program plan and workshop series 2013-2015
  • Budapest Bank Plc.
  • CSR jelentés 2009-2010, 2011-2012, 2013-2014
  • Hungarian National Bank
  • Professional support for the chapters of social responsibility of the annual report 2013
  • Feralpi Stahl
  • Participation in the assurance of the sustainability report 2011
  • BorsodChem Co. Plc.
  • Professional support for the CSR report 2008-2011
  • MÁV Zrt.
  • CSR report 2007, 2008, 2009
  • CSR strategy and consultancy (stakeholder forum, charity guidelines as well) 2008-2009
  • E.ON Natural Gas Corporations
  • CSR audit, CSR strategy and consultancy (stakeholder forum, charity guidelines as well) 2008
  • “Our cooperation with the employees of RTG began in 2007. We began this common work primarily because of their professional knowledge, their calling to the cause of sustainability, and last but not least the mutual understanding apparent from the very beginning of our partnership. Their professional guidance and consultancy has contributed largely to the birth of our corporate social responsibility strategies, including all operational and business territories, and the related program plans. We receive many ideas and much help in the realization of our long-term goals and the starting of our new initiatives, which are indispensable for our bank to operate in a sustainable manner from a social and environmental viewpoint.”

    Zoltán Péter Nagy
    OTP Bank Plc.

    “In 2008, we worked for several months with the RTG team on the CSR audit for E.ON Natural Gas and on the devising of related strategies. We first met RTG as a likeable and customer friendly firm for whom, in addition to thorough professional work, it was important to get to know our company, to make a comprehensive analysis of our business environment and to understand it. Thus were born an audit and a strategy which is excellent from the point of view of general CSR, as well as for the firm’s top managers not only understandable, but representable from a business point of view. I would fully recommend RTG to anyone.”

    István Kutas
    E.ON Földgáz Corporations